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Nov 2006

Ashton Kutcher talks
to Jay Leno on the
Tonight Show about
Allen Carr

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Ashton Kutcher talks to Jay Leno on the Tonight
Show about Allen Carr 28/9/06

LENO: Now, you quit smoking also, right? Was it because of the movie?

Mr. KUTCHER: Yes, it was after the movie, yes.

LENO: All right. Now, how was that? You used to smoke a lot.

Mr. KUTCHER: I was a good smoker. I was so good at it. I was like, man-

LENO: It’s a skill.

Mr. KUTCHER: I could have—if there was like professional smoking, I could have won something.

LENO: Really. Wow. Well, I’m glad you quit. Do you feel better?

Mr. KUTCHER: No. I read this book by this guy Allen Carr and it’s called “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking,” and the great thing is while you’re reading the book you get to smoke. Like, he tells you when to light up. He’s like, ‘All right, light one now,’ and you’re like, ‘Absolutely.’ And you get to smoke like all the way through the book.

LENO: What is this? Like Philip Morris put this book out?

Mr. KUTCHER: No. Like, this guy’s brilliant. And you get to the last page and he like, ‘All right, light your last one,’ and you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I want’ – like, by the time you get to the end you’re like, ‘I don’t know if I want to light it, but, OK, if you say so, Allen.’ And then you’re like – savor that last puff, you know. He’s like, ‘Take the last puff now.’ And you’re like, ‘Take the last puff now.’ That was it and you put it out and then you’re just done. And I haven’t smoked since – like – for like a year and a half.

LENO: That’s amazing.


LENO: I’ll have to check this out.

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